How one defines prosperity is unique yet always include areas of wealth, health and vitality.  Being true to yourself, doing something you love each and every day and having a rich and passionate life are essential requirements to having prosperity.

Prosperity Essentials is much broader than attaining financial freedom. I help clients explore what is essential for them to achieve prosperity and support them so that they achieve their desired outcomes and live the life they want!

Are you ready, truly ready to be prosperous?  Prosperity Essentials provides tools and services to help you leverage assets; to cultivate your assets so that as you follow your aspirations money is a natural by-product.  I believe that the essential ingredients to being able to accumulate money is Courage, Passion, Creativity and Purpose.  The journey and the work I do with individuals requires focus and commitment (and effort).  Sometimes more than you might expect.  Dreams aren’t bought, they are pursued with passion and purpose!








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