About Joanna

In 1999, whilst sitting in a cafe in Seattle, I discovered a leaflet lying on the table inviting me to attend a one day workshop called “Boundaries, this is you, this is me”.  I was somehow compelled to sign up not realising that the experience would propel me onto a journey of self discovery that continues today.

I had never before experienced a self development workshop yet that same year, I had bought the book “Life Strategies” by Dr Phillip McGraw which had me begin to analyse my life and begin my journey of self development.

Since that pivotal year I have attended (and lead) many diverse workshops that have helped me to learn about myself and clarify who I am on a continual and evolving basis.

It is the process of learning who I was, who I am (today) and who I am becoming that provides me with so much joy.

Joanna Pirie

What is prosperity to me?

“Freedom to inspire others – to serve fearlessly. 
Leading a healthy and purposeful life, full of joy and love.
Trusting the law of attraction and abundance.
Being a sparkly, creative and passionate woman.
Participating in the giving and receiving cycles without fear or feelings of lack.


In 2012, I became a mother.  As of September 2012, I am a “former” Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).  My services continue to combine the behavioural aspects of financial wellness planning yet emphasize helping clients define what prosperity is to them to develop effective Prosperity Plans that will deliver their desired outcome.  By removing myself from the financial services industry I am no longer selling products, I am educating individuals and partnering with them to honestly assess and determine what prosperity means to them; to ask them what makes them come alive and to help them live the life they really want.   The clients I deal with are true money masters in that they control their prosperity and do not depend on others to “make it happen”.


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