Financial Wellness

Why put off the things you can do now that will improve your life?

People often blame external circumstances and bad luck for their financial difficulties or blame themselves on their apparent lack of control. In any case energy is wasted instead of looking for constructive ways to achieve financial security and freedom.

Your Beliefs Around Money are also just decisions you made around money

 “If you believe you can or can’t you are probably right” Henry Ford

Beliefs create our reality.  They are really just assumptions about the nature of reality.  When you believe something, you create proofs by deleting, distorting and generalising all sorts of other evidence that is contrary to your belief.

The aim of my Financial Wellness programme is to uncover:

  • the factors that cause individuals to become maxed out by modern living
  • ways to balance your money life so that your money is working for you and not the other way around
  • ways to get rid of bad debt (because there is some debt that is good)
  • aspects of money personality and character traits of a money master and
  • how to create a financial wellness plan using my Money detox plan


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