Wise Women & Wealth

Women and Money

It has only been since Victorian times that families have really depended on the income the women brought into the household.  Therefore, the time over which women have been income producers and in control of their money is very small.   Women workers did not usually see their occupation as a centrally defining characteristic of their lives.

Today, roughly 90% of all women will end up managing their finances alone at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the first time that many women become involved with financial matters is during a crisis, such as a spouse’s death or divorce.

Women used to deal with money issues only when they were forced to. Generally, women poured their energy into the needs of others, juggling children, partner, parents, friends and work, so that little time or energy was devoted to money management.  This is changing significantly and Money Management skills are needed in order to prosper.  Also, women’s needs are different to those of men yet most planning principles are geared towards a man’s lifecycle.

Unfortunately, statistics estimate that 2/3 of women will face poverty in old age.  When women start to consider their needs and begin to identify what they want to achieve in their life, and take the steps towards this outcome, we will see less financially poor old ladies.

The extent to which we participate in money decisions can forecast how successful or unsuccessful we are in handling our money on a daily basis.

Wise Women and Wealth is an holistically designed evening workshop which introduces participants to the behavioural aspects of money.

During the evening participants will share their own wisdom around money as well as:

  • Understand how their money habits were formed;
  •  Discover aspects of their money personality that forwards or hinders their accumulation of wealth;
  • Learn Values-based financial planning and;
  • Receive a scorecard for ongoing wealth management.

All done in a fun, creative and supportive environment among friends and in the comfort of your living room!

“Joanna is a highly skilled inspirational coach. Her out of the box thinking combined with passion for life stimulate life transformation. Joanna works on a deep level to enable any learning to unfold organically focusing on the change process and personal achievement. She is a true asset to anyone’s team.” Jean-Francois Basse April 2007


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